I am not sure that you can actually immediately figure out what your fetish is by just sitting there and thinking about. Some of the gents that I date at London escorts have been trying to figure out their fetish, or fetishes, for a very long time. I love talking about fetishes with my dates at London escorts, and I have come to appreciate that there are tons of different types of fetishes.

Personally, I am really into feet. I have this fascination with feet and I love to play with them. To be honest, I think that a foot fetish is rather common fetish and many of the gents that I date at London escorts seem to have a foot fetish. Another common fetish is of course dreaming about being tied up. Some of the gents that I meet up with at London escorts say that they have tried. However, there is a huge difference between the fetish and the reality. This is the kind of fetish that can actually freak some people out and I can understand that.

Some people have more than one fetish. I think that is actually rather normal and I don’t make to big of a deal of it. A few of the girls here at the best escorts sort of like to brand people and say that they like certain fetishes. I try to stay away from that as much as I like. It would be kind of weird if we all had just one fetish. In general I think that a lot of people that I meet up with at London escorts have more than one fetish, and that is okay.

Where do our fetishes come from? Now this is something that I think is a really fascinated subject. If you like, I have been around fetishes for such a long time that I do not worry about where they come from anymore. I meet up with a couple of gents at London escorts who are fascinated by their fetishes and are always trying to explain them. In the end, you hear so much about fetishes at London escorts that you begin to think that they are all normal.

Do I worry about fetishes? There was a time when I used to worry about fetishes but now I don’t any more. I think that we all have fetishes but we don’t all talk about them. Some people are happy to talk about their fetishes and others are not. I cannot not explain where my fetishes come from. I do on occasion think that they are related to my star sign, but I am not sure that is it at all. One thing I do know, is that I am happy to talk about my fetishes and share them with others. Perhaps that is how we make all of our fetishes a lot more fun, and exciting to be around. Anyway, whatever your fetish is, I hope that you enjoy and set it free as often as possible.

As with all types of sexual activity, gay sex brings with it many hot and kinky fetishes – something that is a little bit different from the same old vanilla sex which tends to get boring after a while. Domination is one popular gay fetish that men love to engage in, and it is a fetish which fully explores the top and bottom scenario. Let’s paint a typical picture of how domination works as a gay fetish.

Firstly, the top will order the bottom to strip so that he can give him a full inspection. He may choose to shave the bottom’s pubic hair so that his cock is smooth and easily accessible. Following this, the bottom is instructed to lie down so that he can be secured safely into his place – the top will likely use this opportunity to cuff the wrists and ankles of the bottom and lie him in a spread eagle position. Doing this also gives access to the bottom’s ass if he wishes to penetrate it.

Then it’s time for punishment. The top takes a long piece of string and ties up the bottom’s cock and balls so that they become extra sensitive. At this point, he may also choose to add some pegs for added sensations. Then he may choose to whip the cock or flick the balls of the bottom. Blindfolding him to ensure that he cannot see what is going on is a good way to heighten the senses of arousal as he doesn’t know which areas are going to be touched next, nor can he gauge the intensity.

When tied up, the bottom is purely there for the sexual pleasure of the top, and he may want to take full advantage of him. As he is tied down, there is nothing that can be done to prevent the top shoving his cock into the bottom’s mouth, stiffening up for anal penetration. Once the top’s penis has been appropriately prepared, the bottom is rearranged into a doggy style position so that he can penetrated anally. This opportunity can also be taken to stretch out the bottom’s ass with a variety of toys so that he becomes easier to have sex with.

The top loves this scenario as he is able to exert his full dominance in the relationship while the bottom is also more than satisfied, as he can let himself go and allow someone else to take control.

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