Attracted To A Sexy Guy

Not all men you meet can tap into what I call your sexual soul. Some guys are completely hopeless when it comes to finding out what turns a woman on, or what she truly likes. In my life, I have only come across a couple of guys who have been able to tap into my sexual, and sort of play with it. One of the guys worked for a male London escorts service. At first I thought he was way to feminine to actually work for affordable outcall escorts, but then I realised he saw women for what they needed.

In a very short space of time, I came to appreciate what was so special about Joe. He was like this sexual clairvoyant who did not need a deck of tarot cards to tell you what you needed in bed. However, Joe was the only tarot card fanatic I had come across working for a male London escorts service. One night, he asked me if he could read my cards, and that how it all started. It was a bit like the technique of reading the cards liberated me, and allowed me to let my inner most sexual spirit fly that night. Although I had met other sexy guys from male London escorts services, I had never met anyone like him.

The truth was that it was not the cards themselves that liberated me, they were just a tool for Mike to tease out of me what I really wanted in bed. Since then I have thought about using tarot cards at London escorts. It can be hard to read men at times, and if I used them to help me to read the gents I date at London escorts, it may just help me a lot. It would give me a chance to talk about what they really want and desire.

So, what happened that night? I have always wanted to have sex out in an open space. The feeling of someone else watching, or perhaps walking in on us, has always turned me on. After the tarot card sessions, Mike and I left my apartment, and wandered into one of London parks. Before I knew, he had slipped a little vibrating stimulator out of his pocket, and was using to make me wet. I felt I was getting actually soaking when he finally took my knickers off and asked me to put my hands on the back of a park bench. His cock was absolutely massive, and as he fucked me over that park bench, he made my wildest fantasy come true.

The funny thing was that someone saw us, but they did not say a thing. The guy just walked past but stopped to look quickly. It turned me on even more, and when I came for the first time, I knew I had found my sexual treasure in Mike. There is little wonder that more and more ladies are dating guys like Mike at London escorts. I think that women let go more when they date male escorts, and perhaps that is why, male escorts in London, have become so popular in recent years.

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